Fellowship & Membership

MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Cardio Thoracic Surgery

Field of Expertise & Services

Cardiothoracic Surgeon 25 Years Experience Overall (18 years as specialist) Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Awards & Achievements

Successfully Operated on 14,626 Major cardiac surgeries.
Conducting successful ECMO programme.
Performed successful Heart and Lung transplants.
Successfully operated on more than 40,000 minor procedures.
Operated more than 1000 tetralogy of fallot cases
Operated on least weight (1.8 KG) baby for complex congenital heart disease
Successfully conducting screening camps at West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Around 1447 of such camps conducted since 2010, till date.
Have received lot of funds from CMOs and PMO towards treating the poor patients.
Performed more than 300 minimal invasive cardiac surgeries.
Conducted free screening camps internationally at Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria.
Organized International Workshop on Minimal Invasive Valve Repair, 2013.
Operated on more than 50 downs syndrome children for congenital heart disease from the Downs syndrome association, Nigeria
Designed Concomitant procedure for Coronary artery and Peripheral vascular diseases.
Conducted many workshops on valve repair and minimal invasive cardiac surgery withInternational Faculty.
Conferred with Honorary Doctorate in the field of Social work, by LADC Institute, Los Angeles, USA, 2019. Fellowship in International College of Surgeons.
Assistant Professor & Consultant, Department of CTVS – VIMS
Associate Professor & Senior Consultant, Department
New trends in Paediatric cardiac surgery & Minimal invasive Cardiac Surgery -December
10th Symposium on Aortic Valve Reconstructive Surgery, June 25, 26-2010–BRUSSELS-
Dallas Leipzig International Valve Symposium, (DLIV) Texas, on Dec 09, 10 &11- 2010.
ASCVTS-ATCSA 2011 on May 26-29, at Phuket, Thailand
OBADIA’S workshop in Louis Pradel hospital at Lyon (June2012- July2012)
VATS workshop in Paris 2015

Talks & Publications

Concomitant procedure for coronary artery disease and aorto iliac vessel block with an non – healing ulcer over the foot
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Dexmedetomidine as an adjunct in postoperative analgesia following cardiac surgery: A randomized, double-blind study.
A Comparative Study Of Haemodynamic Effects Of Propofol And Etomidate As An
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Respiratory failure caused by giant thymolipoma — a case report.
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